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3D Printing is similar to printing texts or images on paper, except that you're actually printing a three-diamentional, tactile pbject. It is innovative. All kinds of amazing stuffs are now being 3D printed, from simple items like chess pieces to new window knobs for your automobile to essential components of airplanes.

We offer 3D Printing services for affordable prices so, you can turn your ideas into reality.

3D Design Service

Ordering Procedure:

  1. Contact us and explaing your request

  2. Send us your STL file.

  3. We will send you a quote

  4. If you accept the quotation, then place the order with the quantity in the quotation with filament type and color.

  5. The printed product will be ready within 1 day (depends on size and quantit), and we will send you the product photo/video before shipping.

We can help you design your product, please contact us for more details.

Specifications of 3D Printing Service for Hardware, Spare Parts, and Prototype, PLA/PLA+/PETG - Preorder

3D Printer Filament Spool | 3D Printer Spool
Customizable Table Leg Base | Table Leg Adapter

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